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Paul Mindel


Wisconsin Golf Academy

A Q&A With Paul Mindel About BodiTrak

By Brian Weis

Below is a Q&A interview with Paul Mindel, Owner of Wisconsin Golf Academy in Germantown.

How and why did I become interested in the BodiTrak system?
I am always attempting to improve the learning experience for my students. The BodiTrak system can help a student accelerate their learning velocity (the speed at which a person learns a particular skill). I describe the system when tied into swing analysis software V-1 as a "smart board" for golfers.
Which teaching professionals on a national level are using this type of technology? Jim McLean, Sean Foley, Scott Hamilton, Mark Blackburn, Andrew Stephens among others.

This video gives you a great overview of the product.

Are tour players using this type of technology?
Yes! I have seen Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Jimmy Walker and many more on the mat. I would estimate the vast majority of tour players have been on the BodiTrak system. They are looking for every possible advantage they can get to be more successful when competing at that level. I also believe this technology is changing some commonly held myths about the golf swing.

What are the benefits to the golfer?
The difference between what a golfer feels and what is real. When a golfer can see the numbers/percentages it will help them understand what they are feeling and how to understand what to do and make their practice more beneficial.

How long have you been using the BodiTrak system?
In 2015, I was the first instructor in Wisconsin to utilize the first generation Boditrak system. In October of 2016 I become the First instructor in the country to invest in the new second generation Boditrak system. I will continue to upgrade as new technology becomes available. As an instructor, I believe it is very important to be an early adapter of new technology or you become a "teaching dinosaur".

Where do you teach?
At the Wisconsin Golf Academy inside swing Time Golf Range W197 N10340 Appleton Avenue, Germantown WI 53022 (about 400 yards east of Lannon Road.

How much do you charge?
For adults I charge $55.00 per 30 minutes and $100.00 per 60 minutes. For juniors $40.00 per 30 minutes and $75.00 per hour. Various packages of lessons are available.

How can golfers contact you?
My phone number is 414-719-0354 or e-mail:

How many years have you been teaching and what additional levels of qualifications do you have?
37 years of teaching. I am certified by the Titleist Performance Institute 1 and GS Level 2 ( the world's leader in golf research and player development). As well as a US Kids Certified Coach and an assistant golf coach at Carroll University (men's and women's)

How should I prepare for my first lesson?
To begin with make sure you have hit some balls a couple of times prior to the lesson. Before your first lesson I will ask you to prepare a brief summary/profile/history of your game. This will force a student to think about their game in the past, present, and the future. Please include things like how long have you played, where and how much do you play, have you taken lessons before (if yes by whom and when was your most recent lesson), please include any physical issues I should be aware of (hips, ankles, back, elbows etc.) This information will help me to understand your game and goals before we begin. Consider this your "golf homework". If possible please e-mail to me before we meet for our first lesson.


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Written By: Brian Weis

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