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Your Body Swing Connection


Your Body Swing Connection

What is your GFH - Golf Fitness Handicap

By Paul Mindel

Your GFH stands for your GOLF FITNESS HANDICAP. A golfers GFH is calculated based on a 16 step evaluation of your body. This evaluation was created by the Titleist Performance Institute (, the world's leader in golf swing research. The purpose is to determine a golfer's physical capabilities and if there are any limitations. A golf instructor SHOULD understand what their client is capable of doing. How far can they rotate, how good is their balance, how much can they hinge their wrists etc.

Once the evaluation is completed a qualified instructor can "shape" your swing to match your physical capabilities. The completed evaluation will be sent to you via an app with an explanation of the results. Your completed evaluation will also predict (by percent) how likely certain swing faults are to occur when you play. In simple golf terms, the lower your GFH the greater the potential to lower your score.

The cost of each hour long evaluation is $100.00 and includes a $25.00 credit toward a golf lesson. A completed evaluation will also provide an opportunity to reduce the risk of golf related injuries.

To schedule your evaluation or receive further information contact Paul Mindel at 414-719-0354 or

A great gift idea for the golfer who has "TRIED" everything and still looking to improve...

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About: Paul Mindel

Paul Mindel Paul Mindel is the owner of The Wisconsin Golf Academy located in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Golf Coaching Philosophy: Golf can be a difficult sport to learn or improve and the process requires patience. Our commitment is to help you learn with the most effective approach so you can enjoy playing "The Greatest Game Ever Played."

Skill development focus: Full Swing-Short Game-Putting

Our methodology will include a "short to long" and "slow to fast" approach.

The latest coaching tools in golf technology are utilized:

V-1 Swing Analysis Software
BodiTrak Weight Shift System
Titleist Performance Institute-Golf Fitness
TaylorMade Golf Equipment
The Putting Stick ®

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