Edgerton Towne Country Club

Edgerton Towne Country Club

Golf Course Review: Edgerton Towne Country Club

Slow Play

We were told that we had to play back to front, which was fine. When we made the turn there were at least 2 groups with kids that never played the back first but budged in front of other groups that were making the turn. Play was averaging at least 20 minutes a hole, left the course without finishing the last 3 holes. I saw the same group that caused slow play riding around on the back looking for a spot to move in to. Other friends that played the course earlier in the year shared the same problem. I will now scratch this course off my list of courses to play, I suggest investing in a ranger to prevent this type of crap.

Overall Experience



Based on my experience: I would not play the course again.


Posted by Carl on 08/15/2016 - This review has been viewed 1,679 times.


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